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The Wave, Is It Over?

I finally finished The Wave it was and interesting book but I just didn’t like it that much. In chapters 13-17 Laurie is faced with stopping The wave. Laurie has made up her mind that she is not on bored with the Wave, she doesn’t like it at all her and some of the other members of the grapevine are going to try and stop The Wave through the Grapevine. Some kid didn’t want to join the wave so one of the members of the wave went and harassed him about becoming a member before its to late. The person that was getting harassed put a note under the door of the Grapevine. The note told the story of what had happened to him and asked if Laurie could let other people know whats happening. Laurie shocked with the note so she told her boyfriend David but he thought it was just a lie. Laurie and David ended up getting in a fight over the wave and they broke up. Laurie put the note in the Paper and showed it to Amy, Amy didn’t want her to put the story in the paper but Laurie still did Some people realized how wrong the wave was but most people just thought it was  a lie Laurie made up to  get people to leave the wave. At the end of the book is when i get the chills Ben is going to stop the wave He told the members of the wave that they were going to meet their leader. All the members made their way down to the auditorium to find out who their leader was but when they got down there they had a surprise the screens were just blue, There was no leader the kids started to leave and that was when Ben told them there was a leader and he showed them the video that started the wave. He told them there is not a leader but if there was it would have been Hitler.

I found that the end of the book was very interesting, I was really happy when Ben stopped the wave although he should have stopped it when robert asked if he could be his bodyguard. I really like the way Ben chose to end the wave. If  I was there I would have got the point of the experiment. I also think that Cristy, Laurie, some of the members of  the Grapevine Were the main reason that Ben Stopped the wave.


I just finished read chapters 9-12 of the wave and in these chapters the wave really starts to get out of control. What I thought was going to happen is happening. In the beginning Of these 4 chapters Ben had to go to the office to see Principal Owens, Ben was nerves about going to see Principal Owens because he new that the only reason the Principal Owens would want to see him  was because of the wave. He was right Principal Owens wanted to see him to talk about the wave and what it was about. Principal Owens did not want the wave to get out of hand so he told Ben that he was unconformable with the hole wave thing, Ben told him not to worry The Wave was just a history project that he started and he would let it get out of hand. Ben didn’t realize how serious the students were taking it until one of his students Robert came up to him and asked him if he could be his bodyguard. Robert told Ben that he would need a bodyguard seeing as he was the leader of the wave. The kids in the school were joining the wave, The wave was getting so popular that they changed the pep rally to the wave rally. the members of the wave were thinking that Ben was telling them to do thing that he didn’t tell them. The most interesting part about these chapters is that Laurie and David broke up over the wave They had been together seance sophomore year.

In my mind The wave is getting out of hand and that exactly what I thought was going to happen, Its like i said before Ben should have stopped the wave when he had the chance to. I think that this is just the beginning of is yet to come from the wave. If I was in the same spot as Laurie I would have done the same thing I don’t like what he is doing.

The Wave, Is This Wrong?

I have Read Chapters 5-8 Of the book The Wave  And In these chapters The history teacher Mr. Ross starts the hole wave thing. In the start of these chapters Mr. Ross gets the kids to stand up and walk around the room and then when he said go they would have to go back to their seats fast. The first couple of tries were very slow and kids were running into each other. Mr. Ross got the kids to try it form the hallway , The first try was bad and then one of the kids said the people that go the farthest at the front of the line and the people that don’t have to go far at the back of the line. This time it work the kids were very organized and fast it only took them 16 seconds for all of them to be seated. Mr. Ross also showed them how to sit right and then he told them a slogan for the Wave. Strength Through Discipline, Strength Through Community, Strength Through Action. Laurie doesn’t agree with what Mr. Ross is doing, She thinks that it wrong that he is doing this to his students. Where as her boyfriend David is going to use what Mr.Ross showed them to try and win a football game.
I think that what Mr. Ross is doing is wrong and he shouldn’t have took it so far. Mr. Ross is a very DIFFERENT guy I also find that he is a wired character, He really makes me think about what he is doing. I would have to say that if this was really happening i would be with Laurie,  It not something he should be doing. This book is very interesting and it keeps me wondering about some of the characters Like Mr. Ross and David. I think that David’s character is going to change in the next couple of chapters I have a feeling about him and how he acts.  I Really want this book to go on forever but i also want it to end so that i know what happens to The hole wave thing. I personally think that thins is something that Mr. Ross should have stopped when he had the chance to. Laurie is right this is wrong for him to be doing the wave thing. He i just like bossing them around and telling them what to do and it should not be like that. I think that Laurie is going to try to stop what he his doing. I think that she will try to stop it because of the video they watched at the beginning of the book about the camps and the Nazi party, I think she will stand up because when it was the time on the holocaust no one would stand up. I think that this has gone to far and its still the beginning of the book. I Really can’t wait to see what happens in the next four chapters of the book. 🙂

The Wave, To Far?

This week in school we have started and book called The wave by Todd Strasser. We had to read chapters 1-4 and I found that this book started out slow and I don’t really like that because if its not interesting at the beginning of a book I can’t really stay focused on the book, After the first 5 pages of  the book it started to get interesting so I finished reading chapters 1-4 really fast.In chapter 1-4 there wasn’t that much that happened but it was still very interesting, so far in this book  there is a character named Ben Ross. Ben is a History teacher and some of his students names are Laurie, Amy, more names. Ben was Showing the kids in his class a video about the constitution camps and how people were killed in them. Some of the kids in his class like Laurie were every moved by the video. Laurie Could not belevie that no one would stand up  and try to stop the stuff that was going on in these camps. She asked Ben why no one tryed to stop it but Ben could  not answer her question. After Bens class Laurie went down to eat and ended up in the grapevine office with Amy one of the girls that was in Bens history class. Amy was smoking when the princable came up to the door and asked why it was locked Amy quickly put her smoke out and unlocked the door to find that it  was just two boy playing around with them Amy got made at them because they made her wast a good smoke so they ran away because Amy scared them.
I think that this book is going to be a very good read and i cant not wait to finish reading the book.  I think if i was in Ben’s class that i would have been like Laurie. I can not see why people would do mean stuff like that to other people. I found my self wondering why people didn’t try to stop what was going on in the camps after readin these copple of chapters. I thought when Laurie and David were sitting in the food cort eating and Amy and her Ex-boyfriend Brain came up and sat down on opsit ends of the table was funny because Laurie and David were stuck in the middle of there fighting. I also thing that if i was the boys that perteneded to be the pricable. Something that I like about this book is that if someone is a slow reader and has a hard time reading this book is smal and it is a very easy read. This book has had a really good start and  I really can’t wait to see what the rest of this book is about.
Laurie Saunders-Student
Amy Smith-Student
Robert Billings-Student
David Collins-Student
Brain Ammon-Student
Carl Block- The Grapevine’s investigative reporter
Alex Cooper-Music Reviewer
Ben Ross-History Teacher


More than 50 were women raped in Jan. 1 attack. There were eight soldiers including an army colonel in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that  have been arrested in the rapes of dozens of women in volatile eastern Congo on New Years the UN reported Wednesday.
Lt.-Col. Kibibi Mutware has been identified by some of the women that were raped as the commander of the punitive mass rapes against residents of Fizi, a small town in Kivu. Seven other soldiers were also arrested.
The attack started after one of Mutaware’s soldiers was killed in a dispute over a woman, according to the United Nations.Mutware claims his soldiers disobeyed orders, according to the BBC.
The UN peacekeeping force in the country has established an operational base in Fizi since the attack. In which one woman was beaten with a rock and another shot in the chest.

  We are reading a book in school called The Book Thief. We have been reading it for a while and I find it very interesting and I think that it is a really good book because it keeps you guessing about what is going to happen next. I find that it started out really good and I really like this book because it has a lot of conflict in it and it keeps it very interesting.
 One thing that I have really noticed about The Book Thief is that there are a lot of conflicts in it. When we first started reading the book it started off with one of the main characters (Liesel) bother died on a train on the way to take them to there foster family’s house. There is a lot of different types of conflict like there is a lot of Man vs. Self witch in the book we she a lot with Liesel, There is also Man vs. Man we see this a lot with Liesel and her foster mom Rosa.
There is also Man vs. Society I think that this is the most interesting conflict in the book because of the fact that in the book the Hubermann are hiding a Jew in there basement and Hitler dose not want that. The Hubermann have a lot of conflict in there family.
I think that Hans is a very interesting charter. He is always in some kind of conflict like when he gave that Jew a piece of bread and got whipped for it and now he is at war. I hope that Hans will make it back from the war.
 I really like this book and I can’t wait to finish it I really hope that nothing happens to Liesel I also hope that Liesel’s mom will come back and find her.

Brazil mudslide

On Wednesday mud slides blasted through the mountainous region in Brazil. It destroyed homes and businesses. It moved cars and trucks. It took out roads and bridges witch made it hard for emergency vehicles to reach the areas were people were trapped. Many people were still missing hours after the rain stopped.

Disasters hit Brazil annually in its rainy summer season Officials said the area hit by slides had seen 26 centimetres of rain fall in less than 24 hours. They also said that there could be more rain possibly heavy at times through the weekend.
President Dilma Rousseff flew by helicopter over the region Thursday.The nation’s Health Ministry said it was sending 6.4 tonnes of medications to the area, enough to treat 45,000 people for a month.

I think that this was terrible and i hope that this dose not happen again. I think that someone should try to find away to stop things like this from hitting the town so that the people don’t die.

CBC News

Gulf oil spill…… Again?

After the oil spill in the Gulf of mexico in 2010 people are now saying that it can happen again but this time without significant reforms.  One key question is,  Why didn’t a hulking piece of equipment that sat at the wellhead and was supposed to choke off the flow of oil in the event of a blowout do its job? there are investigators analyzing the blowout preventer at a NASA facility in New Orleans. This is still an on going invigoration.

The oil spill commission said some poor decisions led to  problems that led to the accident that killed 11 people and led to more than 200 million gallons of oil spewing from BP’s well a mile beneath the Gulf of Mexico. BP, Halliburton and Transocean, the three companies involved with the well and the rig that exploded. They each made there own individual decisions that increased risks of a blowout but saved significant time and money.

I think that people should be prepared for oil spills like the on that was in the Gulf of Mexico and I also think that the oil spill in the Gulf of mexico was a good thing not because of what it did because it helps us be more prepared for if something like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico happens again.

Passion Based Learning Project

In school I have been doing a passion based learning project. I found that it was really hard to find out what my passion was. The first thing I had to do After we found are passion was wright What ?How? Why? this was are passion. This is what came up with as my passion.
Photo editing
Find new ways to edit pictures. That no one else knows and post them on the Internet  or make a video with the different ways of editing that I learned. I could use different effects on the pictures like colour change and mirror effect .
I pick photo editing because its something that I like to do but I am not so good  and I would like to find new ways of editing pictures so that I can edit my photos.
By Friday i will know how to use different effects on my pictures so that they will look nicer then what they did when they took.
I used different online editing site such as

I found that some of these sits were easier then others and some tips that I can give you are,
1.) Take your time and get use to the photo editor that you are using.
2.)Make sure that you know what effects you can use.
3.)Try not do over do it with the effects.
4.)If you have bight colours like yellow or blue try to brighten then up it look really nice if you have really bright colours in your pictures

(I did not take the pictures they are from and )


Bonjour mon nom est kelsey et Je suis 13. Je vivre dans Snow Lake MB. l’ecole Je aller est appele J.H.Kerr. Mon anniversaire est Mai 26 et Je a ete dans 1996. Je ont une papa nomme Scott et une maman nomme Shawna. Je ont deux freres nomme Kevin & Jeremy. Je Favorites chanteurs sont Nicki Minaj , Jessie J, and Eminem. Je Favorites bandes sont Paramore, Flyleaf, and Skillet. Je l’amour le livre qui Je suis lecture droit maintenant. Il est appele  Soif par Christopher Pike. Je l’amour a jouer volee boule et Je a ete si heureux lorsque mon l’equipe gagne premiere cette annee.